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Learn about IFRS on this page. A set of IFRS basic knowledges are here:

IFRS Vs GAAP: If you still stick on GAAP rules and want to compare with IFRS before adopting IFRS in wholesale, yes you can learn it here. Topic by topic, issue by issue on the sub-pages. Materials are devided into some sub-pages contain sub-issues on financial reporting.


Change to IFRS: So you are starting to adopt IFRS now. Learn how to start it here. It’s based on PCW publication “Making a change to IFRS”. You can find information on preparation, material you need, workshop you may required and many more on this section. This section is also devided into some sub-pages cover specific issues found on GAAP to IFRS conversion. 


IFRS – Chapters: This is a page contains IFRS and IAS chapters, IFRS-1 through 8 and all IAS adopted. A basic knowledge of  IFRS chapter explained. Learn them all for your ultimate IFRS knowledge enhancement.


IFRS for SME: So you are in a small business, but your company mandatoried or just wanted to apply IFRS to broad the market. Do you have a basic accounting technique knowledge and you are a small business? Then yes, you are encouraged to adopt IFRS to get understood by global market. Learn how to apply IFRS for small business through this page and the sub-pages.

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