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Resume Making for Top Financial and Accounting Position



To keep it short, let’s start it with a simple question “What kinds of experience and skills should you highlight on your resume?” The short answer is “varied.” But here it is the general frame:

  1. You need an understanding of the financial markets, venture capital, Wall Street and leveraged balance sheets.
  2. Stay in touch with your outside auditors for more than just the annual audit. She suggests Develop strong technical accounting knowledge, especially in today’s regulatory environment.
  3. Your experience should be as diverse as possible, including budgeting, planning and up-to-date financial systems knowledge.
  4. Familiarity with reengineering is also important.
  5. You should be a strong leader who can let go of weak staff members, demand excellence, lead change and think out of the box to shake up the organization.
  6. Companies seek financial and accounting top level who have demonstrated that they have technical skills, such as: manage equity and debt, if you have those qualification show them.
  7. Develop relationships and influence people skill.
  8. You should be an innovative and decisive person.
  9. Helping to take a company public is always outstanding experience in marketing yourself, as is reengineering experience.
  10. If you have been involved in a merger, you know what change is all about.
  11. You are adaptable.
  12. Show other experience that strengthens your track record; includes taxation, budgeting and treasury functions.
  13. You need a broad understanding of legal matters and have to know when to refer to inside or outside counsel. So show them about those as well.
  14. You are expected to be able to become a mentor for your subordinate. Today, in fact, the trend toward mentoring is so strong. Many corporations are starting internal mentoring programs for their finance and accounting staffs. It’s wise for such upper level financial and accounting manager to mentor their own employees to take accounting people to engage more deeply in the business.
  15. You have to be a self-starter. Study up on what’s needed and going on within corporation. Typically, you’re aware of what’s going on in your industry by studying the competition and benchmarking organization.

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