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This is a page contains IFRS and IAS chapters, IFRS 1 through 8 and all IAS adopted. A basic knowledge of  IFRS chapter explained. Learn them all for your ultimate IFRS knowledge enhancement.
For easier and more focus on each IFRS-Chapters leraning, page is devided into sub-pages. a sub-page contains one or two chapters of IFRS or IAS.



Go to any of the following chapters now:

IFRS-1: First Time Adoption of IFRS
IFRS-2: Share-based Payment
IFRS-3: Business Combination
IFRS-4: Insurance Contract
IFRS-5: Disposal of Subsidiaries, Business and Non-current Asset
IFRS-6: Extractive Industries
IFRS-7, IAS 32 & 39: Financial Instruments
IFRS-8: Segment Reporting

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