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While getting a job—in general—is uneasy, accounting and financial people are privileged to get it easier; the demand for both areas are always high despite of up-and-down in the aggregate economic situations. An often overlooked fact, though, is that career in the accounting field is not always about “becoming an auditor”; plenty of positions are often available, on the flip side.

The key then knows other typical positions that are available for the accounting people—other than auditor.

In this page, you can learn about various positions—typically available for the accounting and financial people—in the form of job description for each, such as:

Tax Examiner
Loan Officer
Credit Analyst
And many more.

The list is by no mean extensive, but it could be a good start. On each position, you can learn what it takes to fill the position; each page contains job titles, job descriptions, skills and knowledge-set that you supposed to have,  tools and technology that you supposed to be familiar with, tasks, education requirement, and future demand for each position. We keep the list updated time-by-time, so please check this page often.

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