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Useful Business Forms, Calculators, Tools and Templates



Many of you asked me for Business Forms, Calculators, Tools and Templates or anything that may help. Here I post some. This is by no mean all inclusive, in fact I spent a day to search and gather all these links. I hope it is useful. If you have good resource of such, please feel free to post them here. Good means: free [or affordable], relevance and useful, and NO commercial [promotion] purposes. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with any of organization/companies/institution featured here [and all other posts in this site]. They are featured here merely because of I think they are useful and worth to be shared to all my readers based on my personal judgment. Therefore I don’t receive any rewards in any forms.


Tools and Templates (Help for Small Business)

  • Balance sheet template—for a sole proprietorship can be modified for corporation or partnership. Change account titles or format as needed. Spreadsheet calculates subtotals and totals for specified period.
  • Business plan templates—from Microsoft Office.
  • Cash flow budget template—worksheet for 6-month cash budget includes most inflows outflows. Modified as needed.
  • Customer account statement template—track charges and payments on customer’s account, send at month end to remind of balance due.
  • Daily cash sheet template—plug in daily amounts and spot discrepancies (from theft, misrecorded credit-card purchases, etc.).
  • Income statement template—for a sole proprietorship can be modified for corporation or partnership. Change account titles or format as needed. Spreadsheet calculates subtotals, totals and net income for specified period.
  • Loan application and bank review form template—shows what the bank will ask for and how it will use your data to make a decision on your loan.
  • Monthly bank reconciliation template—plug in bank balance, deposits in transit, etc. and ledger Cash balance for instant totals that show if the amounts reconcile.
  • Personal bank statement template—when owner’s financial position is required. Spreadsheet asks for the typical information (personal assets, liabilities, sources of income, etc.). Fill it out, get a snapshot of how you look.





Calculators and Conversion Tables



  • Business forms—download invoices, purchase orders, check requests, etc.
  • Legal forms—contracts, loan documents, and other forms by state.


IRS Current Forms and Publications


IRS—by Industry or Profession



IRS Prior-Year Forms and Publications


Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs)



Practice Resources





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1 Comment

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