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Cool Accounting Quickstudy Reference [Download for Fr,e.e]



From now onward, I am start sharing [consider gift away]  freebies for visitor of this blog, in weekly basis. Particularly accounting, financial or taxation related stuffs. They could be accounting [or financial or taxes] e-books, small handy accounting or financial applications [e.g. calculator or coverter], or spreadsheet, or even software that you can download for fr’ee. No, it is not a joke, it is at no cost.

They comes at the following conditions:


  • As is
  • Download and use it on your risk
  • No support provided

As they are freebies, no reward required by this blog or myself as the blog owner, BUT your support.


So, how to support?

  • Let me know if the link is broken [so that I can re-upload as soon as I am available]
  • If you have used accounting e-book, or financial or tax related stuffs [used e-book, application, or software, spreadsheet], consider to share them here 🙂
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Accounting 1 and 2 Quickstudy Reference [Download for,e]

For the initial download, here are two cool mini accounting quickstudy references. They are posters that you can print and bring, consisted of accounting quickstudy reference. From basic to intermediate accounting, debit and credit, cash and accrual accounting, financial statement elements, even the journal entries, depreciation, calculation, ratio and analysis.

How can be basic accounting e book become 4 pages only? They are shrinked, written in short sentences [quotes], colorful and easy to navigate, yet memorable.


Grab yours here:

  • Accounting 1 Quickstudy Reference Guides

          | 4 pages | PDF | 2,3 MB | Download |

  • Accounting 2 Quickstudy Reference Guides

          | 2 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB | Download |


Should any suggestion, quiries, feel free to write yours on the comment form below. Enjoy!

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