6 thoughts on “Effective Accounting and Finance Policies for Best Practices”

  1. Thanks so very much for your website, please don’t tire, keep the good work. I have recently landed an Accountant job, and would start the department from scratch. you notes have helped me a lot, and am so confident at my new work place, and I thank you so very much. However, still I have a question to Putra: Do you have any accounting forms(e.g editable journal entry docs, petty cash vouchers etc which you may send me for adoption????

  2. Dear Putra-

    This website has help me so much to understand the accounting cylce but I’m still strugling with the T-Accounts. Do you have any remondation on how to master on illustrating t-account.


  3. Hi Maria,

    I am glad you’re helped.

    T-account is not a rocket science, but well understanding on this “recordkeeping-fundamental” is a big jump to the next level of accounting. It is good that you keep focus to be master on the T-account. Keep it so until you are able to do it inside-out.

    For a starter, I always recommend anyone to learn the double entry [debit and credit] first. You can read it here:

    Though, such technical skill needs alot excercises, trying various cases [scenarios].

    Good luck!

  4. Dear Putra,

    Thank you indeed for your articles. It has helped me a lot in my professional career. I would appriciate if you could give me a practical example ( in a spead sheet ) of budgeting of an organisation.

    Thanks & regards,
    Umesh Devadiga,

  5. hi putra i’m working in a plant Department (Equipment) i would like to know more on how to control my direct costs (eg. Responsibility Accounting , Standards Costing and how to construct perfomance Reports for this depart ment , Important ratio’s to be implementented. especially on variable costs (Operating costs , Tyre costs , spares , Consumables e.g grease , oil.

    Thank alot.

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