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Measurements Formula for the Engineering Department



This post focuses on the measurements that can be used to determine the performance of the engineering department, especially of its new-product design function. There are no financial measurements listed here at all. Instead, the formulas cover such operational issues as bill of material accuracy, reuse of parts in new product designs, and ability to reach target costs.



The measurements discussed in this post include:

Bill of Material Accuracy
Labor Routing Accuracy
Percentage of New Products Introduced
Percentage of Sales from New Products
Percentage of New Parts Used in New Products
Percentage of Existing Parts Reused in New Products
Average Number of Distinct Products per Design Platform
Percentage of Products Reaching
Market before Competition
Ratio of Actual to Target Cost
Warranty Claims Percentage
Time from Design Inception to Production
Percentage of Floor Space Utilization


Here is the measurement formula list:

Engineering Dept Measurement Ratio Formula-1

Engineering Dept Measurement Ratio Formula-2

Engineering Dept Measurement Ratio Formula-3

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