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Cash Flow Measurements Ratio Formula



Though many of the other ratios in this post series are useful for determining a company’s performance level in a variety of areas, the core issue is whether there is enough cash flowing from ongoing operations to sustain the company. This post contains a variety of measurements ratio formula that involve a company’s cash flow. If a performance measure in this post yields a poor result, then action must be taken at once to ensure that corporate survival is maintained. The measures here can also be combined with the liquidity measurement.



The cash flow measures in this post are:

  1. Cash Flow from Operations
  2. Cash Flow Return on Sales
  3. Fixed Charge Coverage
  4. Expense Coverage Days
  5. Cash Flow Coverage Ratio
  6. Cash Receipts to Billed Sales and Progress Payments
  7. Cash to Current Assets Ratio
  8. Cash Flow to Fixed Asset Requirements
  9. Cash Flow Return on Assets
  10. Cash to Working Capital Ratio
  11. Cash Reinvestment Ratio
  12. Cash to Current Liabilities Ratio
  13. Cash Flow to Debt Ratio
  14. Stock Price to Cash Flow Ratio
  15. Dividend Payout Ratio


And here is the measurement ratio formula list:

Cash Flow Measurement Ratio Formula-1

Cash Flow Measurement Ratio Formula-2

Cash Flow Measurement Ratio Formula-3

Cash Flow Measurement Ratio Formula-4

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