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Capital Structure and Solvency Measurements Ratio Formula



This post contains several measurements ratio formula that can be used to determine the relationship between a company’s debt and equity as well as the comparative proportions of different types of stock. It also addresses a company’s ability to remain solvent. Solvency is a key concern of the cash flow measurement, which describes cash flow measurements. Consequently, the measures in both posts can be used in combination to form a good overall opinion of a corporation’s ability to stay in business.



The measurements (ratio) formula listed in this post are:

Times Interest Earned
Debt Coverage Ratio
Asset Quality Index
Accruals to Assets Ratio
Times Preferred Dividend Earned
Debt to Equity Ratio
Funded Capital Ratio
Retained Earnings to Stockholder’s Equity
Preferred Stock to Total Stockholder’s Equity
Issued Shares to Authorized Shares


Here is the list:

Capital Structure and Solvency Ratio Formula-1

Capital Structure and Solvency Ratio Formula-2

Capital Structure and Solvency Ratio Formula-3

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