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Receivable Factoring Guide



This is common a new business owners can become confused and frustrated with the details of factoring. I am not a factoring expert and never intended to be come one. I just want to simplify matters and show you what a considerable tool that factoring plays in solving cash demand of “too—fast—growing—businesses” while company’s cash just run-out as fast its growth. I believe that factoring needs to be a win-win situation. It needs to work for both parties (company who need factoring services and the factoring company). It won’t be an empirical study with fully math’s equation and formula. Instead,  I do hope it will be a “let’s—get—it—done” form of factoring guidance.

Receivable Factoring


Here are considerable useful sub-topics will be discussed:


What is Receivables Factoring?

A basic explaination about receivable factoring.

Types of Factoring

Types of factoring available in the market place.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Receivable Factoring

Learn what advantages and disadvantages of factoring are.

Factoring Fees and Funds Structure [with calculation case example]

A basic explaination about common fees of factoring, how it is structured, explained with case example for easier understanding.

Receivable Factoring – The Funding Process

Basic knowledge about funding process of a factoring.

Choosing A Factoring Company

A considerable guidance on how to choose a right factoring company to meet your need.

A Worth Factoring Buyer’s Tips

Additional worth consider tips for factoring buyer.

Factoring – Appendix (Jargons)

Jargons commonly used in factoring world.

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