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A Worth Factoring Buyer’s Tips



  1. Don’t automatically accept the first rate a factor offers: negotiate. See if they can save you money with a lower discount rate or reductions of other fees. If not, see if they can offer you a larger advance so you can put more money to work for you.
  2. Although price can greatly influence your decision, be careful not to put too much emphasis on price over skill and service. The money you save may not be worth it in the long run if you face long payment periods or unreliable customer service.
  3. You don’t have to transfer all of your invoices over to the factor, so pick and choose which invoices you want funded. If you have a large invoice from a customer you know will remit payment right away, collect the funds yourself and skip the factor’s fees.
  4. Even though factoring companies notify your clients that payment should go to them, you may want to let your customers know ahead of time. Hearing directly from you will help avoid raising skepticism or concerns.
  5. See if the factor belongs to an International organization like the International Factoring Association (IFA). Non-profit groups like the IFA assist professionals in the industry by sharing information, training, and resources to better serve their customers.


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