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Financial Encyclopedia is Live! – Ensiklopedia Keuangan



Although the basic purposes of finance, and the nature of the core instruments used in attaining them, are relatively constant, recent years have seen an explosion in complexity of both products and techniques. A number of forces are driving this explosion:

  1. Internationalization encompassing a dramatic growth in the number of countries with stock markets, convertible currencies and a positive regime for foreign investors. For a number of years the more adventurous institutional and private investors have been increasing the proportion of their investments in foreign markets in general and emerging markets in particular in search of growth, higher returns and better diversification. Reflecting this, finance has begun the long process of overhauling the traditionally domestic measurement of risk and return. In the new world order in which the next generation is likely to see an unprecedented transfer of economic power and influence from slow growing developed economies to the high growth tigers in Asia and the Pacific Rim, the ability of financial markets to recognize and accommodate the changes will be a priority.
  2. The change has come from dramatic falls in the costs of both information and transaction processing. More information is available and it is available more quickly in more places. Improved databases allow sophisticated analysis that would have been impossible a few years ago and data intensive artificial intelligence techniques allow a much richer array of market structures to be considered. The switch to electronic systems of transactions and trading has dramatically lowered costs, allowing increased arbitrage and stimulating the widespread use of complex new derivative products and products offering potentially an infinity of combinations of underlying products. It is no exaggeration to claim that these new techniques and instruments can be used to provide a proxy for any underlying traded instrument.



This power is increasingly used in the marketplace to provide the financial community with new choices, including performance guarantees and indexed products. The development of traded instruments provides an ability to pinpoint exposures precisely and this has lead to a new science of risk management, where the net exposures of a portfolio of risky assets such as securities or bank loans can be estimated and, where required, selectively or completely hedged by buying opposite exposures in the marketplace. Not surprisingly, this encyclopedic dictionary reflects these new techniques which are inexorably creating a world in which financial assets are priced in a seamless global marketplace.


Financial Encyclopedia is Now Live

Finally, I am happy to present the financial encyclopedia here. A much richer than just a dictionary to enrich your knowledge about financial (corporate and also banking world). Akhirnya saya bisa hadirkan ensiklopedia keuangan di sini. Besar harapan saya ensiklopedia ini akan menjadi nilai tambah baru bagi anda.

Belum spenuhnya diupload ke halaman, tetapi nanti saya akan terus update time by time seiring waktu dan pertumbuhan situs ini.

Just for pre-information. Here are words and phrases will be covered:

Financial Encyclopedia - Ensiklopedia KeuanganA
Agency Theory, Artificial Neural Networks, Asset Allocation, Asset Pricing

Bankruptcy, Banks as Barrier Options, Bid–Ask Spread, Black–Scholes

Capital Adequacy, Capital Structure, Catastrophe Futures and Options, Commodity, Futures Volatility, Conditional Performance Evaluation, Consolidation, Contagion
Contingent Claims, Convenience Yields, Convertibles, Corporate Governance, Corporate Takeover Language, Cost of Capital.

Debt Swaps, Deposit Insurance, Discounted Cash Flow Models, Disinvestment Decisions, Dividend Growth Model, Dividend Policy

Electronic Banking, Electronic Payments Systems, Embedded Inflation, Ethics in Finance, Euro-credit Markets, Event Studies, Exotic Options, Expectations, Experimental Asset Markets .

Fat Tails in Finance, Financial Distress, Foreign Exchange Management, Foreign Exchange Markets, Futures and Forwards, Fuzzy Logic

Game Theory in Finance, Growth by Acquisition


Initial Public Offerings (IPOS), Insurance, Insurance Derivatives, International Initial Public Offerings, Investment Banking, Iowa Electronic Market.

Leasing, Log Exponential Option Models.

Market Efficiency, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mutual Funds

Noise Trader, Note Issuance Facilities

Persistence of Performance, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Performance Measurement
Price/Earnings Ratio, Privatization Options, Program Trading, Project Financing.

Real Options, Restructuring and Turnaround, Retail Banking, Risk Analysis, Rollover Risk.

Scrip Dividend, Securitization, Share Repurchases, Short-Termism, Sovereign Risk
Speculation, Stability of Returns, Stochastic Processes, Stock Market Indices, Syndicated Euro-loans.

Tactical Asset Allocation, Term Structure Models, Time Series Analysis, Transaction Costs, Transition Economies,

Valuing Flexibility, Venture Capital, Volatility, Volatility Risk Pricing, Volatility Smile



New technology has helped in selecting entries for the dictionary. A word count of titles in finance and business journals was used to identify the frequency with which particular terms appeared and this was used as a primary guide to the priority and length of entries. To accommodate new topics such as real options that are only just emerging into the literature, we also included some entries where interest was growing rapidly towards the end of the search period. So enrich, your knowledge now, visit the financial encyclopedia through the “Encyclopedia” I just added. Should you have any comments, opinion, or experience, suggestion or whatever words about financial encyclopedia or any phrases about financial you wish to share, feel free to share it here by posting a comment. Enjoy!

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