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Most Compatible Careers for 6 Personality Types



When seeking your true love, you had better look for someone with a compatible personality. The same thing is true when choosing your career. U.S. News, who called themselves as the best and oldest career guide has selected the top careers for each of six personality types. Sure, everybody’s an individual, but researchers have observed that most people have certain characteristics that can be grouped into a small number of categories. Pengelompokan 6 character ini mengadopsi methodology yang digunakan oleh John Holland (Psychologist) yang mengidentifikasi adanya 6 kelompok type orang. Dari masing-masing type kemudian ditentukan career yang paling sesuai. Mungkin sudah banyak spekulasi sejnis ini yang sudah pernah anda baca, tetapi original authornya, meng-claim jenis career yang disediakan adalah career yang paling realistic, tersedia di job market and get respected pay. Kalau tidak salah anda pastinya saat ini sedang atau akan ber-career di bidang accounting or finance in various position. Coba lihat, apakah benar kepribadian anda seperti yang disebutkan dibagian ini? anggap ini “just for fun” disela-sela kesibukan anda 🙂



electrician careerRealistic, hands-on people: tend to be practical and straightforward. They like to work with concrete objects. Careers compatible with this personality type: electrician, orthodontist, surgical technologist, biomedical engineer.



professor careerInvestigative people: are analytical, intellectual, and scientific. Typically, they like to gather a lot of information before making decisions. And they question ideas that aren’t backed up by rational data. Compatible careers: professor, software developer, physician’s assistant, veterinarian, librarian.



jnterior designer careerArtistic people: are creative and imaginative, as you might expect. But they can also be strong problem solvers, since they bring an intuitive mindset that complements the more rational approach others might offer. Compatible careers: landscape architect, graphic designer, director or producer, interior designer, editor.


Nurse CareerSocial people: often end up in “helping” professions where attributes like patience, empathy, and generosity make a difference. They’re often strong team players good at achieving consensus. Compatible careers: school psychologist, mediator, nurse, physical therapist, social worker.




Entrepeneur CareerEnterprising people: are competitive, energetic extroverts. They often end up as entrepreneurs or group leaders, and prefer to delegate the pieces of a project while focusing on the big picture. Compatible careers: executive, financial manager, sales rep, sales manager.


Accountant CareerConventional people, also described as orderly: They’re not necessarily bland, though they do tend to be reserved, careful, and efficient. These are the folks who handle all the details that keep the trains running on time. Compatible careers: accountant, actuary, financial planner, technical writer, building inspector.


Saya rasa pengelompokan ini tidak selalu tepat, why? Karena pada dasarnya setiap satu pribadi, anda, saya, orang lain, pastinya memiliki kepribadian yang bisa di jatuh di type tertentu, tetapi juga ada point kepribadian lain jatuh di kelompok yang lain. Misalnya: saya merasa kepribadian saya jatuh pada kelompok ”conventional” tetapi sebagiannya lagi jatuh pada kelompok ”enterprising”, dan sebagian kecilnya lagi jatuh pada kelompok ”investigative” dan ”social”. So how?

Mungkin dari sekian character anda yang jatuh pada kelompok yang berbeda-beda tersebut di berikan score atau di quantitative-kan dengan ratio, lalu career-pun di split sesuai dengan percentage-nya. Misalnya: Setelah saya quantitative-kan, ternyata ratio type saya adalah: ”Conventional:Investigative:Creative = 80%:10%:10% ” so compatible career yang cocok adalah ”Accountant as main job”, ”software developer (spreadsheet developer 😛 ) as my side job” and “ngasuh blog sharing as another side job of mine”. Boleh kan ada side job? Make sense? 😛 Setuju atau tidak setuju, silahkan tulis pendapat anda di ruang komentar dibawah ini 🙂 just for fun!

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